Go cruising along the beautiful, sandy shores of Lucaya, Bahamas, and cut through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea in a fast and powerful jet ski that is all yours to use to explore on our tour. Make sure you have on your safety vest and then push your craft to top speeds as you thrill to the misty breeze from the sea on your face. Our tours give you the chance to encounter the heights of sheer pleasure that can be had while visiting the Bahamas. Go slow if you like it and take in all of the beautiful, tropical scenery or really strive for some adrenaline pumping action on board one of these awesome jet skis. Either way, this is sure to be a truly remarkable adventure, and will make your adrenaline levels rise.

Taking a Jet Ski tour is distinct from other tours because you can literally make it to what speed you please. Do you like the exhilarating thrill of fast speeds and sharp turns? Or are you more of a take your time, and absorb your surroundings type of person?

On a Jet Ski tour, your guide will take you to prime locations for you to take in the exotic marine animals and then jet off at high speeds. You’ll have a choice to ride alone, or have a companion come along on the ride on the two-seater Jet Ski. Bahamas is the ideal location for any Jet Ski activity, so don’t miss out!

Bahamas Jet Ski Tours

  • Lucayan Jet Ski Island Tour

    Lucayan Jet Ski Island Tour

    Get a great view of Grand Bahama Island on this exciting water-based tour. The speed and the versatility of a Jet Ski allow you to fully explore the crystalline waters and pristine beaches of this captivating island paradise.

    • 10:00 AM12:00 PM2:00 PM
    • Single $ 17500 Double $ 17500

    Best Price

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  • Bahamas Paradise Ocean Do-It-All Package

    Bahamas Paradise Ocean Do-It-All Package

    You wont miss a single thing in this do-it-all package. Want to relax on the beach, snorkel along coral reefs, race through the water on jet skis, or glide above the ocean parasailing? Then this is the package for you and your family.

    • 12:00 PM
    • Adults $ 18000 Child (Under 15) $ 15000

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    $ 18000 More Info Book Now »

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